Saturday, October 16, 2010


Stadium overcrowded by hooligans and fans
Cheering, waving flags, and clapping their hands

Players on the field, they’re ready to start
There goes the whistle; it pumps up their hearts

Adding strength to the ball, and kicking it high
The ball travels overhead, how beautiful it can fly

Over center field, and still it goes strong
Pass received with ease, and the player runs long

There he goes, for his opponent’s goal
He dribbles through each player; he’s on a roll

He takes the shot, and curves it by
The keeper dives for it, far and high

The goalie misses it; the ball’s in the net
There’s a moment of silence, and no regrets

The winners jump for joy, that win was a must
Opponents, heads tilt down low, they leave in disgust

A player’s life fulfilled is playing world class,
To be playing all year long on the rich green grass

Play with heart, that’s the real answer
Of how to play the true game of soccer. 

Globe FC:

Globe FC:
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

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